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           2015 ANNUAL             



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Who will be our winners?




Join this EXCITING Fall Musical Tournament of fun!! 

Meet new friends!   Rise to the challenge!!

Experience the pride and joy of performing for others.



 1.  This competition is open to any young singer who will be between the ages of 6 through 17 years old on

      September 15, 2015.


  2. Singer does not necessarily have to be able to read music to participate.


  3. Singer may audition with or  without a microphone.


  4. Singer may audition with or without instrumental or recorded accompaniment.  The cost of any accompaniment is         the responsibility of each competitor.  If you need a piano accompanist, WCC can help supply you with one. 


   5. Any choreography is optional.


   6. Singer must submit a copy of the music and/or lyrics for  the song(s) to be sung along with the entry form.      


   7. Before singing, the singer will state name, age and title of the song.


   8. Song selection may be in any genre but judges are looking for young voices that show off good vocal quality and        that do not imitate the vocal sound and quality of a professional singing celebrity. No inappropriate language or            vocabulary* in the song lyrics will be allowed so please make sure that your selection is in good taste.


   9. Each song selection must be limited to 3 minutes in length. 


 10. There are 4 Rounds to the Competition.  1) Preliminary and  2) Quarter-Finals (both held the same day) - You             will need to prepare two songs 3) Semi-finals - You will need to prepare two songs, one of which may have been         sung on one of the first two rounds.  3) Finals and Awards - You will need to prepare three songs, one of which           may have already been sung on one of the first three rounds.


 11.The first three rounds take place at the Cornerstone Music Conservatory - 12121 W. Pico Blvd., 2nd Floor,

       Los Angeles,90064. PLEASE CLICK HERE for location map.


 12. The Final Round and Awards Ceremony will take place at a venue to be announced soon.


 13. Only one family member will be allowed to listen in on the first three rounds and that family member must refrain          from any talking or coaching during the auditions.  The Final Round and Awards Ceremony is open to the                    public.  


 14. COSTS:  Entry fee = $25.  Tickets for the Final Round: Two free tickets for each competitor.  $15 Adults $10                Students under 17 and Seniors over 65.  All proceeds will be used for defraying the costs of the competition and          the awards.


 15. DONATIONS: Tax deductible donations of any kind from Corporations, Foundations or individuals are welcome.          WCC is part of the Allegro Music Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Please click here if you would            like to donate towards this event.


 16. PRIZES AWARDED - A First, Second, and Third Prize Award will be given.  Prizes include full or partial                        scholarship memberships to the Westside Children's Chorus, private voice lesson scholarship funding, other                cash and material and sponsor prizes as available, opportunity to solo with the Westside Children's Chorus, will          be featured in promotion and publicity, and be presented at other venues during the 2015-2016 Academic                  Year.


  17.All videos, recordings, and photos taken by WCC of this event become the sole propriety of WCC.  All                          participants in this event agree to grant permission to WCC to use their personal image and/or voice in any and          all of its publications including website entries without payment or any other consideration.


 18.Judge’s decisions are final. Competition winners from this year may compete again in two years beginning with           the 2017 Vocal Competition.



                                 *Inappropriate lyrics including politically incorrect, sexual, expletives will not be tolerated and the singer will be disqualified from participating.














      In an effort to recognize, encourage and support those youth who demonstrate outstanding vocal talent, WCC is proud to sponsor a youth vocal competition which awards funds for choral and private vocal lessons scholarships and other prizes to the winners.  


                         RULES AND PROCEDURES

                                                    Please CLICK HERE for entry form






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